Oriental Goddesses

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Why This Website !

Japanese goddesses have now been moved to a bigger server to accommodate extra pictures of these beautiful Oriental girls.  I also took the liberty of changing the name because it's not just Japanese women it is all Oriental women.  This site to is more along the lines of risqué and does not have any discretion or vague nudity.  There are plenty of pornographic sites out there for you to view if you want that.  This site is for the display of their natural beauty. These are very very beautiful women to be appreciated! Within this site I will have all kinds of pictures with these Oriental Goddesses for you to enjoy looking at! If you enjoy these women you will enjoy women like Chisato Katamura, Yumiko Shaku, or perhaps Mihiro Taniguchi, she is a very cute girl. Just a warning that the majority of these pictures are very Rique to view just so you know!

What's On This Site !

I am going to have separate sections or pages based on alot of other Oriental Beauties, and I will other separate pages with certain females such as Mihiro Taniguchi, Yumiko Shaku, and alot of the picture will be a little Risqué so I advice those who feel uncomfortable looking at theses kind of pictures to precede no farther leave now or venture in your choice.

The Godzilla Shrine !

" Nature has a way sometimes of reminding Man of just how small he is. She occasionally throws up terrible offspring's of our pride and carelessness to remind us of how puny we really are in the face of a tornado, an earthquake, or a Godzilla. The reckless ambitions of Man are often dwarfed by their dangerous consequences. For now, Godzilla - that strangely innocent and tragic monster - has gone to earth. Whether he returns or not, or is never again seen by human eyes, the things he has taught us remain ...... " The saying says it all if you want to knowledge yourself with everything on Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra, Gamera, and so much more click the link. The Godzilla Shrine

Updates For This Website

I will post update for this site as they come.